SAVITAS at work

Let's illustrate how SAVITAS works. Check out this short video or read the infographic below.

SAVITAS at work video
SAVITAS at work infographic

The SAVITAS QR Code stickers are placed where social distancing may be a challenge, like e.g. meeting rooms...

...kitchenettes... rooms...

...or elevators.

John and Susan go to a meeting, and instead of shaking hands, they both scan the QR code on the SAVITAS sticker, one after the other.

You can scan a code using the camera app on your phone, using a standard QR code app, or simply by going to and pressing the "scan code" button.

When you scan a QR code sticker, its unique number is recorded, together with the time slot when the code was scanned.

The two values are combined into an abstract “scan action” record and stored on the phone. No privacy-related data is used, and nothing leaves the phone.

A few days later, John is not feeling well...

...and he calls a doctor. The doctor diagnoses John with COVID-19. He authorises John to self-report to SAVITAS, so he provides him with a temporary code, confirming the doctor’s authorisation.

John takes his phone, opens his web browser and goes to He presses the self-report button, and enters the authorisation code. That way he helps to protect others whom he may have been in contact with.

When he presses the self-report button, his scan action records are uploaded to the SAVITAS server as infectious. No other data is used. John’s privacy is protected.

Later that day, Susan fetches a coffee, sees the SAVITAS sticker on the coffee machine, and scans the QR code.

When you scan a SAVITAS QR, recent infectious records are downloaded from the SAVITAS server to your phone...

…so your phone can compare them with its own scan action records.

Remember: Susan was in a meeting with John recently and she scanned the SAVITAS sticker at the same time with John. That is the reason there will be a match between one of John’s anonymous records and hers. She gets a discreet notification with information to take steps: self-isolate and call a doctor. That way she helps to stop the infection from spreading.