Ordering SAVITAS QR Stickers

Ordering SAVITAS QR Stickers

SAVITAS stickers come in rolls of 100 stickers, at €500 per roll and €10 handling & shipping costs per shipment,  ex VAT.‍

As a rule of thumb, you should count 2 stickers per employee on your site:‍

  • 1 sticker to count for the approximate size of your site, proportional to the number of employees;
  • 1 sticker to give to each employee, which they can then affix in a place they find important, for example where they find it difficult for colleagues to keep their distance.

Please fill in this form to order your rolls.

Payment options:

  • Online payment (Bancontact, Credit Cards, PayPal);
  • Payment after receipt of invoice.

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SAVITAS Terms & conditions

The privacy of users of SAVITAS is always guaranteed. No personal data are requested and it is technically impossible for SAVITAS to trace the identity of users. The few data we keep are stored anonymously.

No one may be forced to use SAVITAS, it is used voluntarily at any time.

Equally important is that SAVITAS is used correctly and consistently. By this we mean, among other things:

  • A specific smartphone may only be used by one person to scan the SAVITAS QR codes;
  • That, as far as possible, the user also scans the SAVITAS QR code every time he visits a place where a SAVITAS QR code is placed.

Without correct and consistent use, the data available to SAVITAS is neither accurate nor complete, nor can users be warned consistently.

SAVITAS is not an alternative to medical guidelines such as "Stay in your room" and social distancing. Even with correct and consistent use of SAVITAS, a user can still be infected with COVID-19.

Not every person a user comes into contact with will use SAVITAS. In such a case, SAVITAS cannot warn users either. The more people consistently use SAVITAS, the better the results will be for everyone.

The QR codes are intended for use within a work environment. They are preferably placed in places where social distancing cannot always be guaranteed, or where there is possibly an increased risk of contamination, such as meeting rooms. The placement should of course not lead to too many people gathering around the QR codes.

Finally, SAVITAS is a temporary platform. SAVITAS remains online until the COVID-19 pandemic is contained. After that, all data on our systems will be erased and the QR codes will no longer be active.