Getting started

In-depth information on Savitas QR.
This page is both a tutorial and a reference guide to help you with the deployment of Savitas QR in your organisation. If you would have additional concerns, the Frequently Asked Question section has a lot of additional information. And if necessary, please feel free to contact us.

Step-by-step instructions

Different functions within the organisation all have a role to play. This section contains information for each of them.

Prevention advisor / safety coordinator

The prevention advisor or safety coordinator plays a pivotal role in the correct implementation of the Savitas QR contact tracing solution. This PDF contains clear steps and tips on:

  • Where to apply the Savitas QR stickers;
  • Tips on how to organise your work environment;
  • How to activate Savitas QR stickers;
  • Inform the occupational physician and/or the HR department on their role;
  • How to inform the employees.

PDF available for download in following languages:

Occupational physician / HR department

The occupational physician or the HR department issues an authorisation code to the employee which allows himself/herself to self-report, so their role is critical. This PDF contains clear steps and tips on:

  • How to get registered in the Savitas QR portal;
  • What your role is when an employee self-reports;
  • How Savitas QR informs employees who may have been in contact with an infected colleague.

PDF available for download in following languages:


The employee is the most important part of the whole Savitas QR solution. Anonymous contact tracing can only work properly if everybody participates. But it remains important to stress that participation is on a voluntary basis only. This PDF informs the employee on:

  • How to scan a Savitas QR sticker;
  • What to do when he or she gets ill with COVID-19 -like symptoms;
  • How to self-report;
  • How Savitas QR will inform employees who may have been in contact with an infected colleague.

PDF available in following languages:

Internal communications

As stated before, it is crucial to communicate the right information to the different stakeholders. But next to that it is equally important to increase the internal visibility of Savitas QR through the use of typical internal communications means, like posters or other material. 

You can of course create your own material, but we wanted to help you along. So below you can find material for you to use freely.

Information posters

Two posters for you to use:

  • A poster intended for your employees and everyone else on your premises, to encourage them to keep scanning. The poster has a spot to stick a Savitas QR sticker, to clarify the use of Savitas QR even more;
  • A poster intended for visitors to your premises who maybe are not aware of Savitas QR.

These posters are available in English, Dutch & French. They are A4 size, easy for you to print yourself. 

Visitor poster

"Keep scanning" poster

Personalised information leaflet

In order to inform your employees but also visitors to your company, we've created this leaflet which you can print on an A4 printer.

To make the leaflet more useful, you can fill in the co-ordinates of your company doctor and emergency contact using the form below. After filling in the form, a page will open containing the leaflet with the data you supplied.

Click the button below to personalise your Savitas QR information leaflet.

Create your own info leaflet
The creative people at Springbok provided the creation of this material. Springbok is an innovative agency that builds brand experiences for global brands. They also helped us out with the design of the Savitas QR stickers and our overall digital campaign. For more information, please visit
If you would like other, complementary material, or these posters in a larger size, they are more than happy to help you.

Frequently asked questions

There is an extensive FAQ section available. Please click the button below to visit it. If nonetheless you would have questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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